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CCSD is no longer an active organization. This website is an online archive of popular research papers and reports, links to data and social programs/organizations, news and events.

Enabling social development innovation begins with working through the evidence.

While both quantitative and qualitative forms of information are important considerations, enabling work with quantitative data provides the hard evidence supporting future action.

The Community Data Program (CDP), a membership-based community development initiative, makes data accessible and useful for all members with training and capacity building resources. Community Analytics, Community Snapshots and Strength-In-Numbers are services and solutions that are built upon and utilizing CDP data and tools to help develop informed understanding and encourage discussion about key issues and social consensus on the ways forward. 

The Community Data Program is a national network of more than 33 community data consortia.
A range of services to assist with generating, analyzing and producing custom data products
A series of infographics, fact sheets & social development briefs from across Canada
Features communities' reports highlighting health issues, income levels, and more