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cultural diversity

The Cultural Diversity Program at the Canadian Council on Social Development (CCSD) is a research unit which focuses on immigration, multiculturalism, and ethno-racial relations from a social and economic perspective.

Making Connections: Social and Civic Engagement among Canadian Immigrants

Making Connections is a report that tries to answer questions of immigrants social inclusion by examining different measures of social and civic engagement among the immigrant population and flagging areas of concern. In the report, social and civic engagement is broadly defined as “the active connections between people that foster mutual respect and facilitate cooperative action.”

The report was a joint effort between the Canadian Council on Social Development (CCSD) and the Centre for Applied Social Research at Carleton University. It was made possible with the financial support of the Citizenship Participation Directorate at the Department of Canadian Heritage. Authors Katherine Scott of the CCSD, and Kevin Selbee and Paul Reed of Carleton University collaborated to generate Making Connections.

Rising Tides: Labour Market Experience

This research examines the labour market experiences and incomes of recent immigrants to Canada over the economic recovery period from 1995 to 1998.

Using data from Statistics Canada’s Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics, the research focuses on levels of employment, earnings, family incomes and poverty rates of recent immigrants compared to those of the rest of the Canadian population.

Network on Partner Violence

A two part electronic information bulletins developed specifically for participants of the national network which provides support to immigrant and visible minority women who are experiencing partner violence.

The bulletins highlight information on research and policy debates (nationally and internationally), identify resources available, and explore issues around cultural competency and best practices in the delivery of services to this population.

We hope that this information will also be shared beyond the network, so that the bulletins can be a tool to help educate the general public about this important issue of partner violence against immigrant and visible minority women.

  • Issue #1: Network on Partner Violence (PDF, 5 pages, 130Kb)

    In this first issue, we introduce our national network, explore cultural competence as a component of service excellence, and learn about the best practices of the Sexuality Education Resource Centre in Winnipeg and a peer mentoring project in Ottawa. In addition, we present a profile of a migrant wife, highlight the unique dilemma faced by immigrant and refugee women who experience partner violence, and include a list of resources for service providers. So let's get going.

  • Issue #2: Network on Partner Violence (PDF, 4 pages, 114kB)

    In this second issue of our electronic bulletin, we provide an update on the growth of our network, explore the role of domestic violence in the increased vulnerability of homelessness among immigrant and visible minority women, and share best practices from a Muslim family safety project. In addition, this issue also highlights a research report on the experiences of frontline shelter workers, and presents summary information on relevant resources, projects and programs of interest to Network members.