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1 - The State of the Art

This conversation took place October 29th, 2014. Transcipt available here.

The non-profit sector has seen a great deal of change over the last 15 years as it has grown and matured, carving out a unique identity and role in communities across the country. But what hasn’t changed is the critical importance of sector relationships with its constituents, its funders and the broader public. It is the strength of these relationships that is key to success in affecting change and having impact.

This session will explore where we have come from and where we are going. It will look at a range of drivers and considerations that now challenge the community sector, including growing inequality and societal diversity, the speed of technological change, and conflicting demands resulting from the contracting out of public services and heightened scrutiny with regard to quality, outcomes, and impact.

The continuing viability and impact of the sector will depend on the extent to which nonprofits can rise to the challenge of keeping pace with our rapidly changing world. Where does Canada stand?

e-Dialogue Discussion Leader
Professor Ann Dale
, Trudeau Fellow Alumna (2004), School of Environment & Sustainability, Faculty of Applied Social Sciences at Royal Roads University

Expert Panel
Tim Brodhead, Senior Fellow, SiG National, former President & CEO, J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
Janet Austin, CEO, YWCA Metro Vancouver
Jodi Mucha, Executive Director, BC Healthy Communities
Ryan Kadowaki, Senior Program Coordinator, Science and Policy, David Suzuki Foundation
Mary Herbert-Copley, Executive Director, 1125@Carleton
Peggy Taillon, President & CEO, Canadian Council on Social Development
Katherine Scott, VP, Research & Policy, Canadian Council on Social Development

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