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policy initiatives

The CCSD develops and promotes progressive social policies inspired by social justice, equality and the empowerment of individuals and communities.

A selection of documents is provded here for information. As well, most of the policy papers from the mid-nineties to the present are available in our reference section.

In addition to our research material, also available are policy statements, briefs and submissions.

The Canadian Social Transfer

The Canada Social Transfer is the Canadian government's transfer payment program in support of post-secondary education, social assistance and social services, including early childhood development and early learning and childcare. It was made independent from the Canada Health and Social Transfer program on April 1, 2004 to allow for greater accountability and transparency for federal health funding. In 2008/2009, the program transferred $10.6 billion in cash to the provinces and a further $8.5 billion in tax points.

The program was originally combined with the Canada Health Transfer in a program called the Canada Health and Social Transfer.

The Voluntary Sector Initiative (VSI)

The Voluntary Sector Initiative (VSI) aims to build a new and more effective relationship between the voluntary sector and the federal government. The Council sits on the Senior Steering Group and Working Group on Finance, and has been active on issues related to the enhancement of the financing and sustainability of voluntary sector organizations.