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research & reports

CCSD is no longer an active organization. This website is an online archive of popular research papers and reports, links to data and social programs/organizations, news and events.

Billions of dollars are invested in our social sector annually, but communities do not have access to the high quality research and data available in the private and public sectors.

Rigorous information on social issues can be challenging to access, not yet written, or available but written to represent one perspective only. CCSD has conducted independent research on key social, economic, labour market and demographic issues, as well as provided statistical and analytical research services to our partners and clients. Many of CCSD's historical research reports are available online.

Research publications and reports include the challenges of funding within the non-profit community, a broad scope of varying aspects of urban poverty, disablity research, as well as sub-sites focusing on the well-being of children and crime prevention.

Research Sub-sites

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