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Funding Matters ... For Our Community: Building an enabling financial environment for the voluntary sector

A report by Katherine Scott: Pan-Canadian Funding Practice in Communities was commissioned by the Task Force on Community Investments, and examines the Government of Canada's current funding practices for the voluntary sector.cover fm This report has been submitted to the Independent Blue Ribbon Panel, which is advising the federal Treasury Board on guidelines for grants and contributions. (Also available: the executive summary (September 11, 2006)

A report by Katherine Scott: The Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector in Ontario kicks off a series of regional reports on the vital 'third pillar' of Canadian society. (June 29, 2006)

The CCSD partnered with Imagine Canada and Canadian Policy Research Networks to submit a brief to the Commission of Inquiry into the Sponsorship Program and Advertising Activities, led by Justice Gomery. Endorsed by the Voluntary Sector Forum, the submission provides a voluntary perspective into the important topic of what can be done to improve accountability in the Government of Canada. (October 28, 2005)

Voluntary Sector Awareness Project (VSAP) organized 100 Community Conversations across the country where thousands of local and provincial organizations exchanged information and considered the benefits and challenges of creating a “unified voice” for the voluntary sector. As part of the Project, 17 sessions for Social Development organizations were held. A discussion paper (Greater than the Sum of our Parts) and online feedback form were available to allow individuals not attending a Community Conversation the opportunity to provide their input.

With its involvement in Funding Matters, the CCSD continues to play a leadership role on issues and challenges facing the nonprofit and voluntary sector in Canada, such as concerns around financing and capacity in the sector. The Council has participated in a number of initiatives to help move these issues forward, including:

  • The Voluntary Sector Awareness Project will create a public awareness campaign to broaden understanding about the voluntary sector and the social and economic contributions the sector makes to Canadian society. The CCSD is one of the project partners (2005-2006).
  • Member of the Voluntary Sector Forum;
  • The National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations (NSNVO), which for the first time maps the size and scope of Canada’s nonprofit and voluntary sector. The CCSD was a member of the Voluntary Sector Research Consortium which developed this survey (2004);
  • Funding Matters: The Impact of Canada’s New Funding Regime on Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations, CCSD (2003);
  • The Voluntary Sector Initiative, development of The Code of Good Practice on Funding (2002);
  • The Voluntary Sector Initiative, Working Group on Financing (2000-2002);

Funding Matters - Full Report


Fact Sheets


Since the release of Funding Matters in 2003, many resources have been developed to provide information about and tools for organizations and communities on issues related to financing and capacity, both at the individual community and national levels.

Please let us know of any innovative work you may be aware of that should be added to the list.


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