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Estimates of Distribution of Social Assistance Cases and Recipients by Family Type, March 1998

Couples, no children73,4005.2%146,8005.7%
Couples with children147,30010.5%294,60011.4%
Single Parents402,10028.7%402,10015.6%

Note: Totals may not add due to rounding.

Source: Prepared by the Canadian Council on Social Development, using data from Human Resources Development Canada (Quantitative and Information Analysis, Social Policy), December 1998.

Reading this table

Example: In March 1998, there were 147,300 couples with children receiving social assistance payments, accounting for 10.5% of the total number of social assistance cases. If you count all adult members of these two-parent families, there were 294,600 recipients of social assistance benefits. They accounted for 11.4% of the total number of recipients. Children do not directly receive social assistance payments, and thus account for no "cases". They do, however, live in families which receive social assistance, and in 1998 37.1% of social assistance recipients were children. Almost one million children (955,400) benefited from social assistance in 1998.

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