Info & Tips for Parents & Care Providers

Whether you're the parent or care provider of an active toddler at the park, a shy grade school student, or an outgoing teen, chances are that you worry about your child's safety.

Street proofing your kids, keeping them safe while unsupervised, dealing with bullying, and protecting your child while they cruise the Internet or party with adolescent friends are just some of the challenges many of us face.

This section provides you with information, tips and suggested resources to help you deal with the most common safety issues you may worry about regarding your children.

  • Home Alone: Helping your child be safe while home unsupervised
  • Sticks and Stones: A focus on bullying
  • Cyber Safety: Protecting your child from inappropriate online material and cyber stalkers
  • Altered States: The signs of youth substance abuse and how curbing it can prevent crime