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Poverty Reduction Policies and Programs: Social Development Report Series, 2009

Series Editor: Katherine Scott

Persistent poverty and growing inequality are the most significant and intractable challenges facing Canada today, diminishing the lives of thousands of individuals and families. Poverty Reduction Policies and Programs provides the context and insight to understand and act in the fight against poverty in Canada.

This first collection of reports – Poverty Reduction Policies and Programs – identifies current federal, provincial, and territorial approaches to poverty reduction, alleviation and eradication, profiles the ideas, interests and institutions that have shaped the evolution of that work, and identifies critical issues for each jurisdiction moving forward.

The CCSD’s new Social Development Report Series is an essential tool that provides an understanding of how geography, history and politics have created varying approaches to community building across our country. 

Reports by Provinces (in PDF format)

Alberta Northwest Territories Prince Edward Island
British Columbia Nova Scotia Quebec
Manitoba Ontario Saskatchewan
New Brunswick Nunavut Yukon Territory
Newfoundland & Labrador Canada  

The CCSD would like to acknowledge and thank all those who contributed their energies and expertise to making the first Social Development Report Series a success.


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