our approach

We are guided by four core ideas that we believe will lead to new ways of collaborating and designing innovative solutions and outcomes to today’s challenges.

The CCSD works to build a stronger, more resilient society for all of us, first by enabling innovation through strong evidence. Building this credible evidence base, convening and collaborating, and using a strategic and deliberative design approach to problem-solving, helps build and fortify the needed collaborator circles to address the real world issues challenging us today.

Nation Builders

To help incent, build and maintain momentum, CCSD has launched Nation Builders, a leadership community to support community-led social solutions incubators, or collaboratories, backed by powerful resources on a national scale.

Nation Builders will be ambassadors for collective action, keeping a profile on social development priorities and using their influence to get things done, at the local, regional and national levels. They know that unconventional and intuitive wisdom understands that risk is necessary when the stakes are high, and that solutions need to be forged and tested on the ground – in communities.

Nation Builders work together to help lead and strengthen the work of the collaboratories.

The Nation Builders initiative brings together thought leaders from all sectors, including both the most experienced and the most promising, to channel their tremendous talent, courage, energy and enthusiasm into shaping and building a smarter and more caring nation.

Nation Building

Canada has a rich heritage of leading in progressive ideas, translated into thoughtful policies that unite Canada in collective action.

maple-leaf 240x240As a nation, we are wired to consider the greater good. The siloes, divisions, growing inequality and separation will only serve to widen the gap between the haves and the have-nots, drive a wedge between generations, and tear apart communities at a time when we need to come together more than ever before.

Given a choice, a new way, Canadians would do what they have done since Confederation:

They will choose to work together to build equitable,
caring and resilient communities now and for the future.


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